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Recent reviews for Nuance Dental Studio
General rating: 4.6
Rating: 5
Alan Macrae
Oct 10 2022
I had the worst infection from a prior dental procedure. They had to retreat a root canal with a dentist who used bad sealant. It was terrible pain, huge infection and almost had to lose the tooth. Not only have they treated the infection, they redid the root canal and gave me a crown. Now it’s like brand new. They went above and beyond to clean out the issue and stayed late to fix. Thank you!
Rating: 5
Melissa Liriano
Oct 22 2022
I love this office! The doctors and assistants were very friendly and attentive to my needs. They worked closely with me for pricing and took into account my budget. They are very considerate and wonderful! I love it!
Rating: 4
Catherine Galarza
Dec 19 2022
I have been coming to Nuance on and off for 10 years. Their CPW office is smaller and more intimate but the main thing to focus on is the service. I went to Nuance for a filling (4 to be exact) and was in and out in 40 mins! Then, came back for an extraction and 4 fillings....once again 45 mins! It is clean, hygienic, efficient and fast. They do an awesome job getting you in and out. Literally, you could make an appt during a lunch break. The assistants are friendly. They explain everything in great detail and are direct (but not in a rude way). The office assistant, Phaola, is also amazing. She texts to confirm appts which is amazing as millennial hate talking on the phone. She is open and respects privacy. She uses low tones but clear and precise. She follows up with insurance so there is less work for the client. The main star of the show is Dr. David Borota! BOOK HIM! I cannot praise him enough! He numbs you up so well the you do NOT even feel the needle. His tone of voice is soothing and he explains the process every step of the way. I have seen him twice and fell asleep! AT THE DENTIST! He wastes zero time. I don't even take the day off when going to him because he is efficient and fast! Dr. Borota can adjust quickly to any changes he encounters in the mouth and is CALM! He extracted my tooth in less than 2mins and I felt nothing. Did not even feel pressure! This man is a tooth GOD! I am now looking for reasons to go to the dentist rather than avoiding it.
Rating: 5
Fabiana Santos
Jul 01 2022
The dentists are very throughout with their treatments. They explain everything that they are going to do and they always make sure you left satisfied. It is the best dental office I have ever been. 10/10!! Ohh and the customer service is beyond great. I recommend this dental office to everyone!
Rating: 5
Glenn Grant
Jan 27 2023
Made me feel very comfortable and the staff was great, definitely starting my treatment here