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Meet the Team

Nuance Dental Studio has assembled a team of certified and skilled staff in their area of specialization, to assure you optimum results.

Our team includes…

Office Manager/Treatment Coordinator --- interfaces with patients, doctor, and staff to ensure the coordination of all facets of our patient care. Our office manager reviews treatment plans, thoroughly explains the clinical importance and necessity to reach healthy dental goals. The office manager answers all questions regarding insurances, payment plans, and any other questions pertaining to all aspects of dentistry.

Dental Hygienist — examines patients' teeth and gums, recording the presence of diseases or abnormalities and teaches patients how to practice good oral hygiene as well as help patients develop and maintain good oral health. The hygienist removes soft and hard deposit from teeth using hand, ultrasonic device, anhd rotary instrument. Our hygienist adminiter anesthetics and nitrous oxide. The hygienist explain the relationship between diet and oral health, inform how to select toothbrushes, and show them how to brush and floss their teeth. Also our hygienist use models and pictures of teeth to explain oral health, perform root planing and place antibiotic as a periodontal therapy, apply cavity preventative agents such as fluorides and sealants.

Dental Assistant — a multi-skilled member of the dental health team, dedicated to assisting the dentist with all phases of dentistry. Our assistant takes digital x-rays, certain impressions, perform adjunctive laboratory functions, assist the dentist directly at chair side with a wide range of procedures. Our assistant creates friendly and warm atmosphere for our patients, doctor, and staff.